Learn To Play The Violin Fast! | For Beginners & Advanced.

Hey there, my name is Susan and I am a professional violin player for over 7 years. I’ve been through a lot of trainings and online lessons.
The first advice that I can give to you, is the best advice you probably will ever get. You need to have a plan. If you are a beginner you probably are looking for free online violin lessons, well, trust me, that will not work. When I was starting with my violin career I spended my first few months trying to find free violin trainings and my result was very poor. But do not worry, much people make this mistake.

When I paid for my online violin lessons, my skills increased SUPER fast!
So basically, if you want online violin trainings you need to have a professional teacher, someone who will learn you every basic and skill step by step.

Yes There Are Some Places On The Internet Where Professionals Will Teach You How To Play The Violin.

If you really want to become a master with the violin then I have some sites where you can sign up for online violin. It’ll only cost some dollars and time, but you will be a expert in no time!

The Best Violin Lesson Sites For 2015

I was a member at almost all online violin lesson sites. So I have lots of experience with all these sites, and I think that reddesertviolin.com and violinprofiles.com are the best out there. I’ll give a review about both of these sites. Reddesertviolin.com is one of the best sites that provide online violin lessons.

Why Reddestertviolin?

Reddesertviolin is hosted by Lora, a housewife who is one of the best violinist alive, believe me. Lora will personally teach you how to play the violin, no matter how old you are and no matter how experienced you are, which is really nice.
Reddesertviolin is also cheap compared to other violin training sites. You can choose 2 courses, the “Fabulous Violin Fundamentals Suziki Book 1” or the “”Fabulous Violin Fundamentals Suziki Book 2” Book 1 will cost you $47  a month and book 2 will also cost you $47 USD a month.
Reddesertviolin is also compatible for iPad.
When you buy your course you’ll recieve tons of extra’s and downloadable MP3 trainings. With hours and hours of lessons in HQ & HD (High Quality & High Definition).
Reddesert is praised by many people, so why don’t check it out?

Click Here To Check Out Reddesertviolin.com!


Another really great site that I’ve used a lot in my past is violinprofiles.com

Why Violinprofiles?

Although violinprofiles is designed for more experienced violinists it is still a great site, you can get a free membership or a premium membership. (premium will cost you about a $29,95 a month). You could go to their site and signup for the free package, but like I said, you will get far more succes when you signup for a premium membership, with a premium membership you’ll have more quality video’s and CD’s. Also it will provide you with tons of extra bonus content. My advice with this site is; if you really want good online violin lessons you need to purchase the premium package, your skills will get better very soon.
Also one of the great things this site has is, that they have a forum. You probably will say; “why is a forum so special?” Well, you can do all sortst of things on a forum, like, share your music and interact with people, asking questions. So many benefits about a forum. Violinprofiles also has a lot of teacher which you can choose from.You should check Violinprofiles out if you are a experienced violinist. If you are a beginner I suggest you should check out reddesertviolin.com.

Click Here To Check Out Violinprofiles.com!


Getting online violin lessons is really great for both the teacher and you. You be in your own living room, without any pressure practising to master te violin. Also, I’ve done a little study about the pricing in the USA. I’ve compared the 2 sites I reviewed, and private lessons. Turns out that the violin lessons online are much more cheaper then hiring a private teacher. Which is great news!